MailBurstTM: The Drop Folder

The MailBurst Drop folder lets you place send mail, simply by placing a file into the folder. Here's how it works:

Create a file like that below (note the three parts, address list (the first address is the FROM address), headers, and body are separated by a blank line):


From: Admin,
To: MailBurst
Subject: Beta 11 released

This is the message body. Note that the file began with a list 
of address, followed by a blank line, followed by the message 
headers, followed by this message body.

So, to use the drop folder, just have any application create a file like the one above, and place then in the MailBurst drop folder.

If you're only sending to a SINGLE address, you can just place the headers and message in the file and name it: "" Then, the message will be routed to that address. If you just wish to send a file and have the entire file treated as the BODY, and have MailBurst generate headers for you, name the file: "" and a simple set of headers will be added before the message is sent.

If you wish to generate a series of files to the same user, you can name the files "", "", and so on. MailBurst will ignore any characters in the file name after (and including) the "#" sign.

Note that the MailBurst Drop folder is enabled in the demo version, but will only send 100 files before quiting.



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