MailBurstTM 2.3.3

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Welcome to the overview of MailBurst (originally known as DC&R Util 5)

New in 2.3.3: Better support outgoing Auto Reply address, drop box email and bounce messages.

New in 2.3: Better support for random incoming addresses.

New in 2.2.2: Improved address parsing and multi-threading.

MailBurst is an essential add-on package for MacOS mail servers running EIMS, The Eudora Internet Mail Server or SIMS, The Stalker Internet Mail Server.

MailBurst is easy to use, has stellar performance and great features, providing a simple and powerful way to enhance and manage your mail server.

Use MailBurst to support multiple domains, wild cards, auto replies, and more...

MailBurst is compatible with EIMS 1.2, EIMS 2.x, and EIMS 3.x as well as SIMS. (Also compatible with AIMS 1.x, The Apple Internet Mail Server.)

While you might not need to manage as many as 25,000 accounts, it's nice to know that MailBurst supports as many users as you need. When a new user asked about managing a system with 25,000 users to distribute mail to 2 dozen POP3 servers. We told them "Sure" and even version 1, released in September '96 would be up to the task.

Here are a few MailBurst features


Below is a link to of each of the major screens in the program and more detailed information. The program is very simple and the GUI makes it easy to add new accounts, set up multiple destinations and set up features like auto-replies.

You will find the detailed info below summarizes all the options and features of MailBurst. Be sure to read the mini-tutorial and installation instructions once you have your DNS MX records and domains properly set up.

Visit the mini-tutorial for more info on how our software interacts with your AIMS/EIMS mail server.

Click here for Installation instructions.

Also check out our FAQ file and a short description of how we use MailBurst.

If you have questions, be sure to send us mail right away... we also provide consulting services for setting up Mail, Web, and DNS servers.


MailBurst was chosen for the Developer Greenhouse at the MacWorld Expo/Boston August 1997, which showcased 28 of the hottest new developers for the Macintosh.


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