MailBurstTM: Domains

What could be simpler?
Here we have a list of all the domains handled by the program, along with a comment for each domain.

What does the "*" domain do?
The "*" domain is used to list user names you wish to match across all your domains (e.g., webmaster or admin). The "*" domain is only checked after the actual domain is checked. This enables you to override the global "*" domain with a local webmaster, if you wish.

In the case of our server, we have the webmaster account in the "*" domain set to forward to the on-site webmaster for the server, but a few domains have their own webmaster accounts, and in the case of these domains, the webmaster email is forwarded to the domain's webmaster and our on-site webmaster.

MailBurst gives you great flexibility in handling email in this manner.

Hitting a key will quick scroll to an entry that matches the letter typed (e.g., hit "j" to get to an entry starting with "j").

Command-A selects either the Accounts button or the text in the comment box, depending which box is selected.

Command-N selects New for the currently selected item.

Command-X selects Del for the currently selected item.

Command-D selects Dup for the currently selected item.

Command-E selects Edit for the currently selected item.

Command-F and G will perform a Find/Find Again.

Use the arrow keys to move within the list box.



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