How we use MailBurstTM

Now that we use MailBurst, our clients can create new email addresses any time they want and their mail gets forwarded automatically -- there's no need for us to create a new account for them each time they run a special promotion or add a new email address to their web page. MailBurst is configured to automatically handle any email to their domain, 24 hours a day.

Also, with MailBurst acting as our mail hub, we have very few POP accounts in our EIMS setup. For providers who run websites and forward most email for their clients, it makes maintenance much easier.

Finally, you can process the MailBurst log files with any WWW log file processor and determine how much data transfer was done for each customer. For ISPs that charge for data transfered, this is a great tool.

With the new features of v2.0 we can bounce or trash email to errant addresses, as well as send auto replies -- even let our customer update their auto reply messages remotely.