MailBurstTM: Testimonials

What features or capabilities make MailBurst (formerly DC&R Util 5) work for you? What makes it something you can recommend?

A few quotes:

The most important feature of UTIL5 is the obvious one, the capability of using the same user name with more than one domain name. I've found the notification feature very helpful when I've implemented message bouncing/trashing because it helped catch configuration mistakes quickly.

I'm very fond of the * wild card user name feature because it's easy to sell to my clients. They like using many different user names to track the source of a contact or perhaps for appearances or maybe they just love to see the many different ways their user name can be misspelt ;-)

Another feature some clients like is the capability of forwarding messages sent to a single address out to several addresses. Auto-reply and domain aliasing are nice and easy to use...and I like the responsive tech support!

UTIL5 has made the Macintosh a useful mailhost, without UTIL5 we might be using another platform. If the features in UTIL5 haven't made the Macintosh a superior mailhost (and I believe this is true) then it has at least made Macintosh the easiest mailhost to implement added value email services for our clients.


DC&R Util 5 helps us manage our hundreds of domain names on a single EIMS mail server. Management is simple and performance really impressed us. We now manage E-mail accounts from multiple domains with ease and speed.

Claude Gelinas, Internet Manager

For me, it comes down to support. The only software that we put on our servers is either apps that I've written myself or apps that are extremely well supported. I can't overstate how important it is to be able to send an email to a developer and have them respond the same day with helpful information.

I've never had anything go wrong with Util5, but I if it ever does, I believe you'd go out of your way to fix it on the spot and release a new version. That's the *right* way to do software.

Feel free to use my name and address.

Michael Sullivan

Your explanation was quite helpful, and all is well. One of our web sites is a virtual jewelry store with a monthly sweepstakes ( We are getting about 750 entries per day (wound up on some web site that promotes free stuff!) and now will be able to auto-reply with a special promotion for sweepstakes entrants! Your product is a God-Send.

Feel free to use my comments, and I would be happy to have a name and clickable URL.

As far as differences from [OpenDoor Networks'] MailDoor, the auto-reply alone puts you far ahead, but in addition I feel your interface is a bit easier to use. The other area where you excel is speed. Your mail forwarding is nearly instantaneous!

Thanks again for a great product!

Jay Stoegbauer
Insiteful Interactive Marketing, Inc.

I have been using DC&R Util 5 for more than six months and my E-mail management is my a breeze. I serve about fifty domain names and all have E-mail processed through DC&R Util 5. The administration is simple, the application is very stable and the price is low. DC&R Util 5 is truly a must for all serious MacOS PostMasters.


The power it provides in relation to the cost, the ease of setup and the speed are the biggest issues, as far as I'm concerned.


Notes from customers on DC&R Util 5 v1.0 (released September 25, 1996)

Love it.. it's great - makes our admin job easier and faster, as well as freeing up more usernames for the systems to handle. The less we have to play inside AIMS the happier we are. Util 5 takes the user management features out of AIMS and puts them where we have more control over them. Serving 23 domains, have 1500 MULTI records, processing 5000+ messages per day (Very rough guestimate)


This system has proved to be extremely flexible and has totally overcome the account name limitations of AIMS. This is one of the best pieces of software we have come across. The configuration is extremely straightforward and it just works. Brilliant, no conflicts no crashes, what more can I say.


Great product, no discernable overhead and is easy to use and understand. Continues to save us time in setting up new domains.


I serve four domains, and get a couple thousand messages a day. I run everything on a Mac IIci. It's been hopped up to a 50MHz 68030, but it's still a small system. I run a couple dozen MULTI records. I like that your product has no sendmail bugs. :-) Remember, in the unix world, the usual way people get broken into is through mailer bugs. If I use your product, I can be confident no one is going to break into my system.


Hey, your program kicks ass. Bless you. Best $99 I ever got my boss to spend. ... it works great and is as stable a piece of software as any I've used... It saved me from a lot of long-winded explanations to my clients and from apologizing for the Mac's shortcomings as an Internet service platform.


DC&R Util 5 is an amazing piece of software for its small cost. The software has been extremely stable without one problem, and has always been very FAST. I can't see how anyone can serve email for multiple domains without having this great little utility.

The MULTI "wildcard" capability of sending ANY email received by a domain to another email address (or multiple email addresses) is a dream come true for anyone trying to host domain names on their network. Now there is no need to fiddle with expensive and technical Unix Sendmail options when one can easily buy a $150 used Mac SE/30 and a copy of DC&R Util 5 to handle email for all of the housed domains.

We use a second AIMS server to handle POP accounts, but 95% of our email needs are just to forward email to another account on the Internet - DC&R Util 5 handles all of the incoming mail easily, quickly, and reliably - everything an ISP or hosting company could ask for. DC&R Util 5 is also about as easy to use as setting the Time and Date in the Apple Control Panels - simple configuration that can be duplicated and modified to handle many needs for multiple domain email.

Our Internet network has seen over a couple of MILLION messages since we have been in business online, and we highly recommend DC&R Util 5 to any Internet business with large or small email needs. And on top of all that, the service and support of Dantowitz Consulting & Research, Inc. has been nothing but excellent - they even personally called to walk us through setting up the program to make sure it was up and running right away for our immediate needs.