MailBurstTM: Installation

Note: for SIMS, please see the included MailBurst 2.1 Addendum file.

Before installing MailBurst, we recommend that you have your DNS and EIMS/AIMS working properly for all the domains you wish to handle. Once this is done, adding MailBurst to your server is simple.

Once you have EIMS/AIMS working properly, please read over our mini-tutorial on how MailBurst and EIMS/AIMS interact.


Installation - New Users
First note that if you are using MailBurst with EIMS 1.x you will have improved performance if MailBurst is on the same volume that contains your System Folder. For EIMS 2.x, 3.x, or SIMS this is not a factor.

EIMS 1.2 and earlier:

The accounts screen in EIMS 1.2

Set up the AIMS/EIMS any-name account to "Save as files..." to ":MailBurst:mail" note the placement of the single colon before the first "m".

EIMS 2.x:

To have EIMS 2.x or 3.x save mail into the MailBurst:mail folder, you will have to set up a send to address for each domain (see the first image above). Then, once EIMS is routing unknown mail to a single user (we use the MailBurst user in one domain), we set that user to save all mail as files in the MailBurst:mail folder (see the second image) and note the placement of the single colon before the first "m".

Installation - Users upgrading to MailBurst

Please note that your existing config file will be re-written when you edit it with MailBurst. All comments will be removed and all fields within lines will be separated with TAB characters.


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