MailBurstTM: Mini-Tutorial

Note: for SIMS, please see the included MailBurst 2.1 Addendum file.

The key to MailBurst working with EIMS is that POP mailbox names need not be the same as the e-mail address. That is to say, even though the incoming e-mail address is, the POP mailbox name on the server need not be david. If the POP mailbox were named david (in EIMS 1.2) then EIMS would store mail for any david at all your domains into this mailbox (EIMS 2.0 handles multiple domains properly).

So read the four steps below to see the basic flow through EIMS that a message takes. EIMS 2.0 has a slightly different path, as you can define an actual account to handle mail to unknown users (see the installation instructions for more details).

A mini tutorial on how AIMS/EIMS and MailBurst interact:

Handling incoming mail to and

Here's what AIMS/EIMS does when it gets mail for

1) Is the domain listed in the Preferences' Server box?

2) Is there a POP mailbox with the name DAVID?

3) Is the <any-name> account enabled?

4) Perform what ever action is indicated by the settings for the <any-name> account.

So, if <any-name> is set to "Save as files..." to ":MailBurst:Mail" then MailBurst gets the email. If a message doesn't get to step 4, we'll never see it.


To handle multiple david's, you'll have to RENAME the DAVID POP mailbox (if you have one) to david01 (or some other unique name), and change his POP login name to david01.

Then add a Multi statement for to go to david01, and to go to david02 (note that addresses can be forwarded to other mail servers... they don't have to be POP mailboxes on your server).

The "david01" account could just as well be "id012324"... remember that this is ONLY the POP login name, NOT the user's email address. They should set their outgoing or REPLY address as in their SMTP mail program (Eudora or Emailer, etc.) which will make their mail appear to be orignating from, not

This stuff is hard, 'cause there's not much documentation for AIMS/EIMS, so it's hard to put things together.

p.s. if you REALLY don't want to change the names of your existing POP accounts, you can set up a second AIMS/EIMS machine and have that server as the front end mail processor, and have the second one contain all your existing AIMS/EIMS POP accounts. Then just forward mail from the main server over to the second server. We have one client with 1500 mailboxes, and they weren't about to change EVERYONE's POP mailbox name, but they DID want to offer everyone a full set of names, like info, support, and of course, david :-)

Installation instructions


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